Shay Healy takes to the streets of Dublin to find out what young people know about Lent, what it means to them, and what they are giving up if anything.

Lent means different things to different people - a time of abstinence, religious devotion, spiritual cleansing, a time to get healthy, or nothing at all. On North Earl Street there are mixed views on the significance of Lent among young Dubliners - from giving up smoking, to abstaining from eating meat or simply following the flock. 

One young woman asks

Didn't God do something for forty days?

A young man outside Clery's says he is giving up cigarettes

For the sacrifice because God died willingly for us so we owe him something back.

Another young woman says Lent is about

Eating pancakes and getting your forehead all black.

One young man tells Shay that he is going to give up "the drink"

To keep me Ma quiet.

Another young woman vows to give up men.

This report for 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 4 March 1987. The reporter is Shay Healy.