'Discovery' visits Sligo and talks to people about the town, its history and hopes for the region as a tourist destination.

The Bord Fáilte Guide calls it the most important town in north west Ireland. But what sort are it's people? What's it like to live in?

Tom Palmer, Editor of the Sligo Champion and Sligo native, describes Sligo as 

A town of very diversified interests, lets say. A town with a tremendous past and a town which I think will have a very prosperous and progressive future.

Palmer talks about the diversity of people that live in Sligo as well as the amazing scenery. As a port Sligo has seen a decline in trade since World War II. However the Harbour Board is endeavouring to recoup some of the business that has been lost. The inauguration of a shipping service between Sligo and Liverpool is one such step in the attempt to rejuvenate the port.

Palmer is not so complementary about the level of community spirit in Sligo town, noting that

There is a remarkable lack of unification in community spirit and community effort in Sligo.

The town sits on the Garavogue River and contains many elegant churches and buildings including the City Hall, the neo-gothic Church of Ireland, and Sligo Abbey.

Sligo lies on the edge of a shallow saucer of land with a great horseshoe of hills surrounding it on three sides and with the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

'Discovery : In Sligo' was broadcast on 1 December 1966. The reporter is PP O'Reilly.