Abandoned and over-grown for years, the once-famous gardens of Lissadell House in County Sligo have re-opened to the public and are already supplying local restaurants and markets with produce.

From the mid 1900s, controversy and decline dogged Lissadell House, causing the abandonment of the much lauded gardens. When Edward Walsh and Constance Cassidy purchased Lissadell in 2003, they first reopened the house and then took on the daunting task of restoring the grounds which include an Alpine garden and a Victorian walled garden.

Of the total of 2,500 different variety of plants within the estate we have 1,200 of them already back in position.

The new owners aim to re-establish Lissadell as a thriving horticultural enterprise, a challenge that Walsh has risen to meet.

You had plants that were absolutely unique to Lissadell, some of those have been lost, but many of them are still there and its a matter of trying to bring them back slowly, it's been fairly hard going, but it's been great fun.

An RTÉ News report by Eileen Magnier broadcast on 14 July 2006.