Swedish Archaeologist Christina Fredengren has been researching the crannógs of Lough Gara in County Sligo for the last five years.

This has been a community project with many locals helping Christina with excavations and exhibiting the findings at Monasteraden.

The whole idea that we are trying to address is boundaries in past and present societies.

Fredengren argues that the architecture of the crannóg emphasises the wish by families and communities to withdraw behind their own boundaries. Her research has found that a crannóg may not always have looked like the traditional model as its functions have changed over time.The project has provoked a renewed interest in the crannógs of Lough Gara. 

Artist Siobha Garvey has produced work looking at the notion of boundaries. She describes the level of community involvement in the project and wonders what modern society will leave for future generations.  

This report for 'Nationwide' was broadcast on 3 August 2001. The reporter is Valerie Waters.