The story of George Faulkner who became known in his own life time as the Prince of Dublin Printers.

Born in Dublin in 1699 George Faulkner became an apprentice to printer Thomas Hume on Dame Street, Dublin. He completed his apprenticeship in London under the master printer William Bowyer. On returning to Dublin from London, George set up a printing business with fellow printer James Hoey, publishing pamphlets, newspapers and books. Faulkner is best remembered for printing and publishing the collected works of Dean Swift. 

In the 18th century copyright infringement law was very loose in Ireland and George Faulkner set about printing much of Jonathan Swift's work for posterity, putting his beloved city on the map as an international publishing centre. Jonathan Swift was the Dean of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in the 18th century, and and famous for writing of Gulliver's Travels amongst other works.

The programme includes a dramatisation with Johnny Murphy playing George Faulkner and Denis Brennan as Jonathan Swift, recreating the world of eighteenth century Dublin.

'Irish Men and Irish Women' broadcast on 13 October 1976. The presenter is Ronnie Drew

The programme was scripted by Bernard Share.