Ireland has a National Day of Mourning showing support for the United States of America in the wake of the 9/11 attacks carried out by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

Schools and businesses closed across the country and all sports, public functions and entertainment were cancelled.

Thousands of people took the opportunity to sign books of condolence in the Embassy of the United States of America in Ballsbridge, Dublin. At one stage Gardaí estimated the numbers in the queue to be over 4,000 and the Embassy became a shrine of flowers and messages of comfort.

One attendee explains why she is there,

It's very symbolic, I think it's important to have a day to reflect on what exactly life is all about.

Another man at the Embassy comments,

It's just unexplainable really, the whole thing is just unbelievable.

At 3pm the pipe band of the Dublin Firebrigade led 250 firefighters to the gates of the Embassy to lay floral wreaths in tribute to their colleagues in New York who perished in the explosions and their aftermath.

Afterwards the US Ambassador Richard Egan addressed the crowd saying 

The expression of sympathy from the people of Ireland has been overwhelming...I am very proud to be an Irish American.

An RTÉ News report by Robert Shortt broadcast on 14 September 2001