Ground Zero where all that remains of the Twin Towers are piles of rubble and twisted metal.

Rescuers at the World Trade Centre site in New York are continuing to sift through the rubble of the collapsed Twin Towers around the clock. A makeshift memorial has been made to pay tribute to the members of the police and firefighters who died here.

Captain Paul McCormack of the New York Police Department originally from Ballybofey County Donegal escorts RTÉ News reporter Charlie Bird onto the site.

None of the television pictures which have been in our living rooms over the past ten days can convey the utter devastation which you see before your eyes.

Teams are working twelve hour days for the past ten days loading trucks with debris to be taken to Staten Island for further examination.

Paul McCormack speaks about the loss of friends and colleagues,

A lot of Irish police and firemen...We had a Gaelic football team out here with the PD and we play the Fire Department every year and we lost a few men from that. It is very sad. We lost a lot of good friends as well who just worked in the buildings. So very, very demoralising.

An RTÉ News broadcast on 21 September 2001. The reporter is Charlie Bird.