Young Historians Scheme brings history to life for young people.

Dr Peter Collins, Development Officer at the Young Historians Project, which was set up in 1988 and is designed to bring post-primary school children together to study history and discuss contentious issues which affect both our past and our present.

The project now has 90 participating schools across Northern Ireland. One of the initiatives of the project includes bringing historians from Britain and Ireland to speak to the schools involved and thereby providing stimulus for conversation amongst the students. The project has also established a 'Williamite Trail' which allows students to follow in the footsteps of the Williamite Army. The trail begins at the Boyne, travels to Athlone and on to Aughrim and then Limerick. This trail is part of a cooperative scheme between the two Departments of Education north and south of the border. 

Dr Collins believes that the results of the project to date have been very encouraging, with students describing it as the best history that they have been involved in. 

It beats reading it from books any time, they say.

A 'Morning Ireland' report presented by David Hanly broadcast on 22 July 1991.

The accompanying photograph shows the site of the Battle of the Boyne.