A summer school focusing on the work of poet and playwright John Millington Synge opens in Rathdrum County Wicklow.

Synge had spent much of his youth and holidays in his brother's residence at Glenmore Castle, near Ashford in County Wicklow. The location influenced much of his work and the local vernacular is reflected in his characters.

Synge's niece, Edith Synge tells reporter Kevin MacDonald how her uncle had spent much of his time at Annamoe writing.

He studied all the country people and got to know them so well, and he put down their sayings and used them for his plays.

Nicholas Grene, Director of the Synge Summer School, describes the events that will take place throughout the event, including lectures by academic specialists of Synge's work, seminars on great Irish writers, and outings to the theatre in Dublin. There will also be a poetry reading by Seamus Heaney.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 June 1991. The reporter is Kevin MacDonald.