Kerry known for its writers and characters now boasts a goldfish that refuses to die and a dog that will not stop singing.

In Listowel, Goldie the fish aged 19, has experienced both resurrection and reincarnation. Goldie came as part of a package when a local photographer bought a house in Listowel in 1995. The previous owner of the house Ann O'Rahilly tells reporter Tom McGuire about Goldie, which was the last goldfish left in her father's pet shop after it closed down. O'Rahilly jokingly claims that the goldfish is her reincarnated father. It was her will that the goldfish would remain in the family home. The new owner Brendan Andy describes how the goldfish came back to life. 

In Ballybunnion, Clancy the singing dog entertains visitors to a local pub every night. Clancy's owner Chris Hellard recalls the first time he heard Clancy yodelling before performing a duet of the 'Cattle Call'. 

John B Keane also features in this report and tells the story of another famous North Kerry dog who acted as a warning to late night drinkers in Twomey's bar. 

A 'Nationwide' report by broadcast on 17 June 1996. The reporter is Tom McGuire.