Irish actor and comedian Dermot Morgan reflects on the success of 'Father Ted' and the character of Father Ted Crilly.

Dermot Morgan is excited to work in British network television and is embracing the opportunities it offers him.

Suddenly ... doors are opening everywhere... you can do this, you can do that... talking to people from different stations... all sorts of opportunities

However, he does miss having a pint with friends in his local.

Morgan offers his observations on the differences between Britain and Ireland he has noticed since moving to London. Some of the contrasts he puts down to Britain's foundation based on 'empire and order'. He compares respectful London taxi drivers to free-speaking Dublin taxi drivers who always let 'Dermo' know he's home and bring him down to earth.

John Major .. is one half of the English nation .. not the rock and roll half but he's the conservative with a small 'c' side of it ... people who mind their own business and who are entirely reasonable.

Later in this Late Late Show interview, Dermot Morgan references his current projects at the time including a screenplay entitled 'Miracle of the Magyars' which though completed at the time of Morgan's death has never been made. It was based on a real-life incident in the 1950s when the Archbishop of Dublin didn't allow Catholics to attend a football match between Ireland and Yugoslavia because of religious and spiritual reasons.

Dermot Morgan was born on 31 March 1952 in Dublin and died aged 45 in Hounslow, London on 28 February 1998.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 10 May 1996.