Dermot Morgan offers some hurling instruction that is not available in any GAA coaching courses.

When former Taoiseach and Cork hurler Jack Lynch asked for a revival of hurling in Dublin, it is a safe to say he did not imagine receiving the support of one of Dermot Morgan's comic characters.

In an appearance on 'The Live Mike' Dermot Morgan with the aid of dummy and a hurl offers to do his bit to promote the game of hurling. He demonstrates some skills not seen in any coaching manual. Among the unorthodox moves he suggests are the women's lib tackle, the anti family planning tackle, the provo double, and the Charlie Haughey approach to the game where,

You pull the strokes wherever you can, a tap here and tap there as long as you always get you man.

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast 21 January 1983. The presenter is Mike Murphy.