Tracking down the grave of Ireland's first vampire with county Down authority on myths and legends Dr Bob Curran.

Did you know that Northern Ireland spawned the world's very first vampire and he's buried in Garvagh? That's according to the North's very own expert on all things blood curdling, Dr Bob Curran from Coleraine county Derry. Reporter Patricia Wilkinson was given the insight into the grim and grisly when she joined the acclaimed writer on a tour of the North's scariest spots.

Dr Bob Curran likes nothing more than to tell tales of the unexpected and has published a number of books on the subject. His fascination with "the unknown" began as a twelve year old boy when he read the stories of Dracula. It was at this time that stories and folklore of the supernatural began to interest him.

Vampires began to fascinate me

A 15th century King, 'Abhartach', is said to be buried in Slaughtaverty and is also said to be the real inspiration behind Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'. Dr Bob Curran tells the story of how Abhartach became one of 'The Walking Dead'.

This 'Nationwide' report by Patricia Wilkinson is introduced by Michael Ryan and was broadcast on 27 April 2001.