Newsround visits the home of Lawrence and Olivia Robertson at Huntington Castle, county Carlow, where they talk about the history of the castle and its ghosts.

Huntington Castle with its 170 acre site is steeped in history, mystery and magic and is home for sister and brother Olivia and Lawrence Robertson.

Hollywood couldn't have built a better home for a horror film than Huntington Castle.

Olivia Robertson says,

I was always psychic and coming to this castle... when I was 8, the whole surroundings awakened my intuitive knowledge of another world. It was all around me here in Ireland.

Lawrence Robertson talks about how he developed an interest in comparative religion and comparative mythology. 

The Roberstons believe in traditions older than Christianity and for both of them life before birth goes on just as much as life after death, hence the connection with their ancestral spirits. 

In 1976 Lawrence and Olivia Robertson, both devout students of the occult, founded the Fellowship of Isis at Huntington Castle in Clonegal, County Carlow. 

This report was broadcast on 11 January 1976.