Janet and Stewart Farrar, who are witches and authors of books on witchcraft, answer questions from callers on 'Liveline'.

Presenter Marian Finucane introduces Janet and Stewart Farrar who are witches. Janet explains that they are just ordinary people who are practising one of the oldest religions in the world.

A young girl, Susan, phones in to ask what the witches will be doing for Halloween? They answer they will be worshipping God and not riding around on broom sticks frightening people.

Another caller Christy wants to know if as white witches they have a function to counter black magic? Janet and Stewart explain that they see black magic as a fringe of practising Satanists.

Another young girl, Vanessa wants to know if they live in a castle? Janet and Stewart explain that they live in an ordinary house watch television and play records and have a donkey in the garden.