'Biddy Early: Wise Woman or Witch?' finally made it to the RTÉ television screen in February 1975.

Eamon O'Connor's film had originally been scheduled for New Year's Day, but a sudden strike in RTÉ meant it had to be postponed. According to the RTÉ Guide, many people in the Clare-Limerick area thought it was Early herself who had sabotaged the broadcast. Early was a well-known clairvoyant and healer from County Clare during the nineteenth century. She is said to have cured people and animals from all over the country, including those cursed by the fairies. She was tried for witchcraft in 1865, but witnesses were reluctant to testify against her.

According to one man interviewed about Biddy's legacy,

The priest would curse you if you went near Biddy.

Sheila O'Doherty plays Biddy Early in this extract from the opening of the film, which explores the myths and stories about her. Seanchaís gather for a céilí in Early's rebuilt cottage outside the village of Feakle in Co. Clare on May Night (30 April), the Celtic festival of Bealtaine, traditionally the night of the fairies.

'Biddy Early: Wise Woman or Witch?' was broadcast on 8 February 1975.