The first in the series 'Watch Your Language' is a programme in English about the Irish language and its place in Irish life. The programme examines the problems and possibilities of its restoration.

This excerpt from the programme includes vox pops with people about how they feel about the Irish language and its use at home and abroad. They also discuss the degree to which speaking Irish makes you more Irish. Many of those interviewed question the value of the language, while others would love to be able to speak Irish.

One man comments

If we do learn Irish... who do we speak it to?

Another woman says

You can't get anywhere with it except for a government job

Another woman questions reporter Jim Sherwin about why the interview is not being held in Irish if it is in fact a modern language.

This episode of 'Watch Your Language' titled 'What People Say' is presented by Jim Sherwin and was broadcast on 13 January 1970.