A report looking at the science of colour and the impact it has in our domestic surroundings and beyond.

The report says colours in the home can affect the mood of a housewife. 

The aggressive housewife with her brilliant red kitchen, calmed down and made easier to live with by toning everything into the yellow and brown range.

Interior designer Ken Edwards provides examples of how the use of colour can impact our every day lives and makes claims regarding productivity in the workplace; and how the colour of paint on a bridge railing can impact on levels of suicide. He also looks at statistical data in relation to preference colours by demographic variables such as age and gender.

It's fairly conclusive that men and women see colour in very much the same way, although women have a much greater chance of dealing with colour.

This episode of 'Eureka' was broadcast on 4 March 1976.

'Eureka' was a science series broadcast on RTÉ during 1975 and 1976. 'Eureka' set out to show the many facets of science and related technologies. Programmes included studio demonstrations and film reports from around the country.

'Eureka' was presented by Jim Sherwin and Caroline Erskine with reporters Jim Fahy and Pat Casey.