In 1989 RTÉ Fashion Show 'Head to Toe' took to the streets of Dublin to talk fashion, style and music.

From break dancers and psychobillies at the Central Bank on Dublin's Dame Street to goths and cureheads off Grafton Street, 'Head to Toe' meets a variety of young people who express their taste in music through fashion.

Presenter Mary O'Sullivan asks the question "What is a Psychobilly?"

He's the only person in Dublin who has any cop on, what decent music is and decent clothes... and hair.

Back with the Goths on South Anne Street Lolo Wood and Síona Ryan are wearing rosary beads and Lolo describes her "hippie ball" necklace. Síona says she wears rosary beads because it annoys adults. Aisling O'Doherty tells Mary why she wears laddered tights.

This episode of 'Head to Toe' was broadcast on 3 February 1989.

‘Head to Toe’ was a weekly lifestyle programme which focused on clothes and fashion. ‘Head to Toe’ ran for 10 series between 1988 and 1997. The first show was aired on 21 October 1988 and was presented by Francis Duff, Mary O’Sullivan and Marty Whelan.

Mary O’Sullivan described the show as 

A  magazine mix of everything to do with with clothes, people , the rag trade in general, personalities, swap shops, the nostalgia scene, people’s private collections, country shopping and dressing and budgets and even problems.

(RTÉ Guide, 14 October, 1988, p.6)