The work of Customs and Excise officers at Dublin Airport.

As traveller numbers have grown so too have security measures at all points of entry and exit across borders. Dublin Airport is a busy hub for all kinds of travellers. 

Holiday-makers, visitors, school-girls, executives, salesmen and VIPs, film stars and returning emigrants, a flood of passengers. Thousands a day, millions a year, and among them that tiny handful of professional smugglers.

It is the responsibility of customs and excise officers to inspect passengers belongings, and duty-free allowances. As passengers pass through security, they breathe "a small sigh of relief".  

This episode of 'Discovery' titled 'Anything to Declare?' was broadcast on 24 January 1966.

‘Discovery’ was a documentary series broadcast on RTÉ between 1964 and 1967. ‘Discovery’, which first aired on Tuesday, 14 January, 1964 and touched on many aspects of Irish life with an occasional spotlight on events of particular interest.