A look at the the constitutional ban on divorce in Ireland and the dilemma facing people seeking divorce.

A Divorce Agency run by Bernadette Ward has been operating in Dublin offering information and advice on obtaining a foreign divorce. Bernadette comments

It's possible to have a legal divorce through Mexico... for considerably less than £1,000.

All ages, classes, income groups have availed of the service despite the fact that foreign divorces are not recognised in Republic of Ireland. 

Reporter Linda Sherlock also speaks to one man who has obtained a divorce through England and subsequently remarried in Northern Ireland. However, neither his divorce nor his second marriage are recognised in the Republic of Ireland. 

Just because I had failed in my first marriage, I didn't want to be condemned to a life of living outside the law.

William Duncan, Senior Law Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, explains some of the recommendations made by Law Reform Commission. 

Another divorcee, Ann Carolan, explains the complicated scenario she has found herself in. Ann divorced legally in Britain, remarried and subsequently had a child. However, under Irish law, her daughter is recognised as the child of her ex-husband. 

A Morning Ireland report by Linda Sherlock broadcast on 30 September 1985.

The above image shows the results of the Divorce Referendum 1995. The referendum was held on 24 November 1995.