The contract for televising proceedings in Dáil Éireann is awarded to independent production company Windmill Lane Pictures Ltd.

It's now planned to have daily broadcasts of Dáil proceedings.

Television cameras will now broadcast daily Dáil proceedings. Recommendations on Dáil broadcasting were set out by the Broadcasting Control Committee, who carried out extensive research in other parliaments to determine a set up suitable for Dáil Éireann. The pictures will be provided by an independent company and sold on to television stations. Televising the Dáil is set to begin with the next budget. Up to now RTÉ has had responsibility for radio broadcasts of Dáil proceedings. Televised coverage was awarded to Windmill Lane Pictures Ltd. This will be the first time proceedings in Dáil Éireann have been televised other than when there are special guests.

Linda Sherlock reports on the awarding of the franchise to Windmill Lane Pictures Ltd. John Bruton states that TV coverage will be quite liberal compared to other countries. Vincent Brady Government Chief Whip says the public will get a better understanding of the running of the Dáil as a result of the coverage, and young people will be able to educate themselves about politics.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 March 1990. The reporter is Linda Sherlock.