In 1979 Magnus Magnusson, presenter of 'Mastermind',  was a guest on The Late Late Show where he spoke to Gay Byrne about the programme, and his Icelandic background.

In this excerpt from the show he puts the questions to two Late Late Show audience members. Nora from Ballsbridge takes on Willie from Galway in a more relaxed than usual version of 'Mastermind'.

During the interview Magnus Magnusson comments

The BBC pays me to do things that I absolutely love doing, which is exploring the past, meeting great scholars who can explain the past to me, and then trying to be a communicator of that.

Magnusson also recalls a recent visit to the Wood Quay site and talks about the role the Vikings played and the contribution they made in Ireland and across the world.

Icelandic born Magnusson was best known as the host and question master on 'Mastermind' which he hosted for 25 years.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 13 October 1979.

Magnus Magnusson presents 'Mastermind' (1983)
Magnus Magnusson presents 'Mastermind' (1983)