In 1994 twenty "game for a laugh, sons of the soil" competed for the title of Ireland's finest culchie.

The event took place at Salthill in Galway as part of the Original Culchie Festival. John Byrne from Kilmeffan, Co. Meath beat off his nineteen competitors and was proclaimed the winner. Competitors were tested at such diverse activities as wellie-throwing, sausage skinning, fleece rolling, and waltzing.

This was the fifth year of the Original Culchie competition to decide Ireland's most perfect culchie. The festival began in Clonbur in Galway in 1989 but has since moved to Salthill. Competitors ranged in age from 20 to 60, came from all over Ireland. 

Jim Fahy reports from Salthill for RTÉ News on 25 August 1994.