Plenty of challenges for contestants as Athboy is the venue for the annual Culchie Festival.

Paddy Rock one of the organisers of the 17th annual Culchie Festival describes the event as, 

The only true male alternative to the Rose of Tralee.

From wheelie bin racing to a Honda 50 run, contestants are put through their paces in an effort to find the King of the Culchies.

Those taking part will face a number of challenges over the weekend. Participants are in for a culture shock as they will attempt to learn what it means to be a Dub. The festival is attempting to bridge the cultural divide between Dublin and culchies with the Queen of Moore Street billed as one of the star attractions. The Queen will also be providing lessons on how to speak and behave like a Dublin street trader. 

The culchies come from all over Ireland, with four representatives from the host county Meath. There is also a London culchie Frank O'Reilly who originally hails from Cavan. 

Festival organisers hope to raise in excess of €100,000 for Alzheimers and Irish Autism Action. 

This episode of 'Nationwide' was broadcast on 27 October 2006. The reporter is Mary Kennedy.