'Broadsheet' takes a look at Irish actors and writers living and working in London in 1963. More money and greater opportunities are two reasons for Irish actors moving to London.

In this clip from the programme reporter Lelia Doolin speaks to writer Tom Murphy about why he left Ireland, the vocation of teaching and the responsibility of the writer.

The full programme features interviews with Norman Rodway, T. P. McKenna, Peter O'Toole, Marie Keane, Kate Binchy, Richard Harris, Donal Donnelly, Jimmy Ellis and Godfrey Quigley. It also features the writers Hugh Leonard, Tom Murphy and Edna O'Brien.

Towards the end of the programme director Jim FitzGerald interviews Ken Tynan a theatre critic, on Irish theatre and actors. Tynan points out that a recent production of Tom Murphy's 'Whistle in the Dark' in London, which had not been so well received, was largely due to the fact that it had an English director with English actors. In this light Tynan argues that there will always be a need for Irish actors in England.

'Broadsheet' was a magazine programme which went out on weekday evenings during the 1960s. This episode was broadcast 15 May 1963.