In 1976 'A Road 50 Years Long' took a look behind the scenes at the RTÉ Radio centre in celebration of 50 years of Irish radio.

As the post is being delivered to the various departments this clip shows Prionnsias O'Conluain at his desk, and Ciarán MacMathúna speaking on the phone in Irish.

The sound library is where each item of audio is catalogued. Records and discs can be found using the 'Lektriever'. The number on the record leads you to the walls of shelving where the item can be found. A card index system is also in use which gives you a wide choice of recordings of a single title.Listening booths are used to check if recordings are suitable for specific programmes. There are separate listening areas for vinyl and tape.

Production takes place in the studios which are two levels below ground. The film shows the control room of Studio 9 which is used for drama.

'A Road 50 Years Long' is documentary scripted narrated and directed by Norris Davidson looking back at fifty years of Irish radio. Described as

Episodes in the journey of Irish radio broadcasting

The programme uses reconstructions to demonstrate some of the major events of early radio.

'A  Road 50 Years Long' was broadcast on 22 April 1976.