All political parties had green issues in their manifestos for the 2007 general election. This report looks at the impact of the party campaigns on the environment.

All the political parties have made the environment a priority in their election manifestos. RTÉ reporter Martina Fitzgerald looks at whether they are living up to their own pledges. She reports 

There was no shortage of Ministers at the launch of Fianna Fáil's environment manifesto. But will Bertie Ahern live up to the promises as he hits the campaign trail tomorrow? Its not clear yet how many miles the Taosieach will notch up but he'll be travelling in environmentally friendly cars. Air transport though is also a possibility.

The Fine Gael colours may be blue but Enda Kenny's campaign will have a strong green theme.The Fine Gael party leader intends covering a whopping 20,000 km - in the front seat of a biofuel friendly tour bus or four jeeps. He'll also be travelling by air.

As the Labour campaign bus was rolled out today - the party was highlighting it's green and red credentials. Pat Rabbitte will cover over 6,000 kms in a 41 seat bus. And he's keeping his feet on the ground.The party is also considering offsetting their carbon emissions.

Ideally the Green party would like to travel by bike. But with a campaign covering 1500 km .Trevor Sargent will be travelling on a environmentally friendly bus and by train.

Michael McDowell of the Progressive Democrats always provides colour in a campaign. Covering some 6,000 kilometres Mr McDowell and his entourage will be travelling by car.

Sinn Féin is also hoping to highlight their green credentials, but from an environmental perspective. Gerry Adams will be travelling by car and booking some flights But the party has signed up to a tree planting scheme to offset their carbon emissions.