Lyric FM the new music and arts station, the latest in the RTÉ family goes to air from Limerick.

The country's newest national radio station Lyric FM went on air this afternoon, from its modern state of the art studios in Limerick. The new music and arts channel, the latest in the RTÉ family, will broadcast 24 hours a day. Its located between 96 and 99 on the FM band.

Michael Comyn makes the opening broadcast for Lyric FM. Eamonn Lawlor recalls how he listened to classical music as a teenager.

RTÉ Director General Bob Collins and Arts Minister Sile de Valera with Seamus Crimmins, Head of Lyric FM.

Seamus Crimmins outlines his view of Lyric FM. Sile De Valera talks about the importance of providing choice for radio listeners