Trim Urban District Council decides that a reporter from a pirate radio station should be allowed attend council meetings.

The controversial decision was made to allow a pirate radio station journalist to sit in on Trim Urban District council meetings and report on the proceedings.

The councillors voted 4/3 in favour of the motion. Three members of the Urban District Council give their views on the controversial decision. 

Councilor and Fianna Fáil member Noel Dempsey explains how the decision came about following a request from the Navan based pirate radio station. He believes that the issue is a matter for national legislation.

I don't think the decision of Trim Urban District Council here is going to exactly set the world alight letting the pirate radios in. I think the decision should be made at national level and acted on.

Liam Carter, councillor and member of Fine Gael, defends his decision to vote in favour of allowing a reporter from and illegal broadcaster to sit in on meetings. He argues that the authorities are well aware that these stations exist and politicians appear on illegal radio stations at election time. He sees no reason why they should not be allowed access to council meetings.

Labour Party member Frank Anderson voted against the decision on the basis that pirate radio stations are unlicensed and fall outside the jurisdiction of the Broadcasting Acts.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 November 1982. The reporter is Rodney Rice.