A 9-week bus strike in 1974 resulted in huge losses to the clothing and footwear industries.

A Dublin bus strike left passengers without a service for 9 weeks in the summer of 1974. The dispute centred on the terms and conditions of a 5 day week for drivers. This was settled with a new arrangement on 5 and 6 day weeks, which didn’t please everyone, leading to another strike in October of that year. 

RTÉ News reports on latest developments on 8 October 1974. Industrial correspondent Pat Sweeney talks to Stella Nyham of the Apparel Industry Federation and Douglas Thornton of the footwear industry. In an era before out-of-town shopping malls and with no alternative form of public transport, these industry representatives are very concerned about the effects of the bus strike on retail.  Stella Nyham says some 40-50% of clothing sales are in Dublin and fears that workers will have to be laid off if the strike continues. Douglas Thornton says that retail sales fell about 40% during the last strike.

This second bus strike lasted for 3 days and ended with the negotiation of a rostering system.