This report shows scenes of rioting taking place night and day in Derry. The report shows both injured civilians and injured police.

The report features scenes of violence at night with petrol bombs being thrown and buildings on fire. Armed police patrol the streets, which are strewn with debris. Shots are fired and rioters throw missiles from the top of a high-rise building. There are also interviews with Ivan Cooper and Eddie McAteer on the situation following violent clashes between residents of the Bogside and the RUC.

Ivan Cooper feels that the only solution is by direct intervention from Westminster as law and order has been completely undermined. Cooper also speaks about how organised the Bogside defence is with every man, woman and child committed to keeping out the police. Eddie McAteer speaks about the 50 year build-up of ill-feeling which has led to these riots. In relation to intervention from Westminster McAteer states: "As an Irishman I am reluctant to accept any degree of British rule. But when the house is burning, I suppose you don't ask if the fireman is a Protestant or a Catholic".