Reporters Tom McCaughren and Pat Sweeney on the arrival of British troops in Derry.

The troops arrived in the city in jeeps and large lorries which were covered over with protective steel mesh. About 100 troops jumped out and took up positions along Victoria Quay with rifles and sub-machine guns at the ready. They then moved in to Waterloo Place and are now in the act of sealing off William Street and Waterloo Street which lead into the Bogside.

While smoke still bellows over the Bogside, the troops are armed with gas and are wearing gas masks as they mingle with members of the 'B' Specials.

A RUC spokesman stated that in the future, the 'B' Specials will carry rifles and guns. The job of the troops is to protect the commercial premises in Waterloo Place and the nearby police station at Victoria Barracks.

Bernadette Devlin voices her opinions on the arrival of the troops from behind the barricades in the Bogside, "There can be no talking with the British army until we know what they are here for."

There is currently a lull in violence, which Catholics say is only due to the fact that the RUC has stopped attacking them.