Despite the moderate success of having "one man, one vote" passed Captain Terence O'Neill's position as prime minister and leader of the Unionist Party continued to deteriorate.

The resignation of Major Chichester-Clark over the franchise issue and the continued division within the parliamentary party finally led Captain O'Neill to resign. Brian Faulkner and Major James Chichester-Clark, both former ministers under O'Neill, were nominated for the leadership. Chichester-Clark won by one vote and became both prime minister and leader of the Unionist Party.

Here is a selection of RTÉ television and radio coverage of Captain Terence O'Neill's last days as premier and the election of Chichester-Clark.

The accompanying image is taken from RTÉ News footage of Major Chichester-Clark giving his first interview to the press following his election as leader on 1 May, 1969.