Andy O'Mahony speaks to John Hume about all that has happened in Northern Ireland since the civil rights demonstration of 5 October 1968.

For John Hume the root of the problem is sectarian hatred. He sees the arrival of British troops as a temporary measure to secure law and order. According to Hume, the problems in the North were started by extremely sectarian people and these people still dictate the pace of things in Northern Ireland.

Hume believes that the events that have occurred in Northern Ireland have unveiled the very roots of law and order as "rotten".
Hume who is openly opposed to the presence of the 'B' Specials as a body of men, whose only qualification is that they are Protestant. There is no physical or mental test to become part of the 'B' Specials.

John Hume says he is in favour of a request for the intervention of the United Nations.

Now that the British government has placed troops in Northern Ireland, Hume sees this as a public admission that Stormont has failed.