This report features the annual Apprentice Boys parade in Derry, including the wreath-laying at the war memorial and the outbreak of riots that would spread across Northern Ireland.

Civil rights leaders attempt to control Catholic youths on the streets.

A group of Catholics are pictured guarding the Bogside area to make sure that the parade does not go in that direction. John Hume is pictured talking to a group of Catholics.

The Apprentice Boys parade features marching bands, and orange men as the streets are lined with supporters. The report also shows a number of protestors chanting "we shall not be moved", who begin to throw items at the police. The report also shows police on Sackville Street retaliating against the rioters. Despite attempts to control the dissident youths by the civil rights leaders, they continue to protest. Both Ivan Cooper and John Hume are seen trying to disperse the crowd.