Following days of increasing violence across Northern Ireland, General Officer Commanding Lieutenant Ian Freeland gives a press conference. He warns that the honeymoon period for the army's arrival is coming to an end.

Seán Duignan reports from Belfast where at a press conference General Officer Commanding Lieutenant Ian Freeland warned that the honeymoon period for the British army's arrival was coming to an end. Freeland speculates about how long the troops will stay and feels that it is better to leave them there a little bit longer than to take them away too quickly.

Freeland also discusses the role of the B-Specials and clarifies that they are under the control of the police and not the army.

Duignan asks under what circumstances would the troops have to use their weapons. Freeland says that anyone can read the detailed order on the use of firearms. Firearms are only to be used in "the most extreme circumstances" and only if troops are physically attacked with firearms will they reply. He further states that in an extreme riot situation where there was no alternative, one round may be fired at one person in order to halt the menace.

Freeman also talks about the Stormont building which is protected by police, and the levels of army cooperation with police and the B-Specials.