The Supreme Court will not change an injunction which forbids the Dublin Well Woman Centre from providing abortion information services.

The court decided by four votes to one that it should not amend the order made by the Supreme Court five years earlier.

The court ruled that the activities of the Dublin Well Woman Centre and open door counselling were illegal and it granted a permanent injunction to prevent the clinics advising women about abortions abroad.

In 1992, the constitution was changed in a referendum to allow women to travel abroad for abortions and to allow information about abortion services. 

After the referenda, the Well Woman Centre asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its injunction but it refused. Chief Justice Finlay said that the order made five years ago was the final determination of the appeal. 

The only dissenting judgment came from the courts newest and youngest member Justice Susan Denham, the only woman and the only Protestant on the Supreme Court bench. She argued that the injunction was no longer consistent with the constitution. 

Caroline McCamley, Chairwoman of the DWWC, expressed her disappointment at the outcome and says she will continue to fight the injunction in behalf of Irish women. 

You can not say to a pregnant woman, the case is adjourned for the moment and we'll come back to you if we can give the information at a later date.

Des Hanafin of the Pro-Life Campaign said they would continue to fight any efforts by the DWCC to provide information on abortion services.

It's a fight that's never ending.

An RTE News report broadcast on 20 July 1993. The reporter is Kieron Wood.