Writer Patricia Scanlan recalls the first time she fell in love.

Author Patricia Scanlan shares the first time she fell seriously in love with Ciana Campbell and Ray D’Arcy about . It was while working in the library at the College of Technology in Bolton Street when a student asked her for ‘Thermodynamics’ by Rogers and Mayhew,

There and then I fell madly in love, I can still remember it.

The object of her desire was a Paul Newman lookalike and from his library ticket she knew his name and address. The pair would smile shyly at each other and Patricia would invent reasons to go into the study room so that she could see him.

At his graduation Patrica Scanlan was pleased to see how well he took care of his mother. 

Good manners and looking after your mother always impressed me.

Patricia Scanlan decided to pray a Novena that he would ask her out. Her prayers were answered when he came to a party in Bolton Street and offered to walk her home at the end of the evening. However the fledgling romance was cut short when Patricia turned him down.

I don’t know what came over me, I lost my nerve completely, after my prayers being answered and everything.

'Teletalk' was first broadcast on Monday, 5 October 1992 and continued until 1994. It was aired on RTÉ One from Monday to Friday immediately following the 11 am News Headlines and was billed as part of the RTÉ morning television schedule. Presented by Ciana Campbell, it featured a panel of experts chatting about the issues of the day. Contributions also came from viewers who phoned in to contribute to the discussion. 

"On Teletalk, according to Ciana and her producer Agnes Cogan, any issue is up for discussion, and a new day means a new topic." (RTE Guide, Vol16, No 41, p11).

This episode of ‘Teletalk’ was broadcast on 11 February 1994. The presenter is Ciana Campbell.