What does a woman look for when purchasing a car?

At the 1978 International Motor Show held in the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, England, style and colour were catching the eye of many potential buyers.

This may be a reflection on how influential women are becoming in the purchase of a car.

More and more the woman is driving the family car or perhaps she owns her own car.

In an effort to win the sales battle car manufacturers are increasingly focusing on colour, design and layout.

In a bid to discover what women want in a car Irish rally driver Rosemary Smith test drives a small car which she defines as,

The second car in the family, possibly the wife's car.

Rosemary Smith takes to the road in the Mini, one of the most popular small cars on the market. She finds that despite the name, the Mini is roomy and very easy to drive. It is the perfect car for female drivers as it is manoeuvrable, economical, spacious and reliable.

Rosemary Smith reverse parks the Mini into a tight space without any trouble. The handling is one of the great assets of this car.

Dodie Walsh is a confirmed Mini devotee and is now on her third model. She is also enthusiastic about how easy it is to park the Mini in small spaces. She chose the colour white for her Mini a colour she likes and considers safer when driving at night. She would definitely purchase a Mini again.

This episode of 'Motor Ways' was broadcast on 8 November 1978. The presenter is Paddy McClintock. The reporter is Rosemary Smith.