Schoolboys from County Antrim have designed and built their own car.

Six students from Rathcoole High School in Newtownabbey County Antrim are the proud designers and engineers of a new two seater sports car.

Currently confined to the school yard, it has been assessed and confirmed as roadworthy by official examiners for the 'Build A Car' competition which will take place next weekend in England. The group is hopeful of an award, as their plans for the car won the design section of the competition two years ago.

The vehicle’s distinctive banana shape, which reduces wind resistance and improves road holding, is one of its selling points.

Seventeen year old Colin Green who came up with the idea thinks that in spite of time constraints, the car will do well in the competition. Its Toyota Corolla engine and fibre glass body ensure

Good consumption and good performance.

Technical studies teacher and project supervisor Raymond Cauldwell believes that assignments such as this equip young people with skills for life,

Each time they come up with a problem, they have then to find several solutions...much like we do in everyday life.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 September 1982. The reporter is Cathal Mac Coille.