The people and town of Bandon in are the stars in this opening sequence for 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly'.

The County Cork town of Bandon is visited by the ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’ film crew on a sunny day in June 1973.

There are plenty of people going about their business on South Main Street in Bandon. Outside the betting office, a woman buys fresh fish from a street trader. Some workmen take a well earned tea break on a bridge crossing the River Bandon. A young boy descends the granite steps from the Church of St Patrick and the Immaculate Conception, which is situated on a prominent hill overlooking the town.

Once a week from June to September, the ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’ film crew would arrive at a town or village in any county in Ireland. They would film the people and the place and return to RTÉ where the footage was edited and put to music.

This short film of around one minute’s duration formed part of the opening sequence for that week’s episode. As it was not advertised as part of the programme billings in the RTÉ Guide or newspapers, people watched in the hope it was the turn of their town or village to have its moment of fame.

This episode of ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’ was broadcast on 9 June 1973.