Ten years after the world famous racehorse Shergar was taken and a ransom demanded, mystery still surrounds what happened.

Shergar was taken from Ballymany Stud near Newbridge in County Kildare on 8 February 1983.

The great racing legend Shergar was kidnapped.

A gang of masked men drove into the stud and forced an employee at gunpoint to show them to the multi-million pound stallion. The horse was taken and a two million pound ransom was demanded by the kidnappers.

The news of Shergar's kidnap rocked the racing world. It was a drama that captured the public's imagination.

As the months drew on, there was still no trace of Shergar. There were rumours about ransom demands, claimed sightings and theories about what had happened. Gardaí believe that Shergar was killed within days of being kidnapped.

Ten years on, the mystery of what really happened to Shergar remains.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 February 1993. The reporter is Lorraine Smith.