A social education programme in Shannon dealing with alcohol and young people.

Shannon in County Clare has more young people in its population than any other town in Ireland. Half of its 8,000 residents are under the age of twenty.

Local civic leaders are preparing now to avoid later social problems.

The first attack is on the abuse of drink and virtually the entire town is being mobilised for a week long think-in on youth and drink.

Between 30 January and 2 February 1978 schools, local organisations, residents groups and all sections of the community will be painting posters, debating, attending seminars and talking about the problem of drink and young people.

The programme is being promoted by the Shannon Youth Service Council. The main aim is to encourage adults and teenagers to think deeply about the use of alcohol in our society and to provide alternative social activities for all age groups.

Shannon's Youth Officer and coordinator of the programme David Deighan denies the programme is simply to stop the young people from ever drinking. Instead, it aims to,

Develop an awareness in the community that drink is a good thing but we must use it and we must use it to our benefit.

During the week he believes the young people of Shannon will come to the conclusion that drink needs moderation.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 January 1978. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.