In Shannon a project is looking to use waste paper to create energy for central heating.

The interest in direct heating systems has grown because of the fuel energy crisis. As a result Shannon Development is looking at the economics of district heating systems.  

In its report 'The Use and Disposal of Waste Paper' Shannon Junior Chamber finds the waste paper output in the town is 13 tons per week, and the industrial estate produces an additional 12 tons. This amount will increase with development of the area. The Chamber examined schemes in France and Britain and America where incinerating rubbish is used to produce district heating.

Press officer with Shannon Development Dermot Walsh thinks,

It's very practical for say heating of an office block, an apartment block or one of the future housing schemes in Shannon.

He explains that waste paper would be collected and incinerated in a centrally located incinerator system. The resulting hot air would be piped into buildings.

Shannon Development is examining the feasibility and economics of this type of central heating system.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 April 1975. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.