A look at the world of women's professional wrestling with a show in Killeshandra.

The parish hall in Killeshandra County Cavan is the location for a professional wrestling match between British wrestlers Tearaway Treacy (Treacy Kemp) and Princess Paula (Paula Valdez).

Paula Valdez believes that wrestling provides a release for both spectators and participants,

It's one of the best sports that you can go to that you can actually release a valve, get rid of all the aggression, all your inhibitions.

Eighteen year old Treacy Kemp who is also known as 'The Dynamite Doll’ was taken to wrestling matches from a young age in her native Manchester, and decided that this was the sport for her.

Paula Valdez is an established professional wrestler who has made regular appearances on ITV Saturday afternoon coverage of wrestling matches. The world of wrestling was very different when she started her career eighteen years ago. At that time the sport did not have the same status in the UK as in the US and mainland Europe, and British feminists did not understand female wrestlers at all,

They didn’t realise that we were fighting in a man's world, fighting for the right to be in a man’s world.

Injuries are part of this job, but the show must go on,

Broke me ankle I have had ribs cracked. Broke me fingers. Sprained my wrist. Bad head injuries...you’ve got to get back in there and fight.

Why would anyone participate in wrestling, given the associated health risks? Love of the sport is the reason, says Paula Valdez,

If anybody is dedicated to a sport obviously the dedication just keeps them there.

This episode of ‘Borderline’ was broadcast on 19 January 1988. The reporters are Eithne Hand and Ronan Johnston.

'Borderline' was first broadcast on Saturday 11 October, 1986 and was presented by Aonghus McAnally, Ronan Johnston and Majella Nolan.

The Saturday morning teenage programme featured bands, newcomers getting their first break and the latest in pop videos, fashion, film and video making. The programme also featured a live phone in, celebrity guests and a participating studio audience.