Musical duo Foster and Allen are joined by John Sheahan of The Dubliners to perform the traditional Irish hornpipe 'The Sligo Fancy'.

Mick Foster, accordion player with the duo Foster and Allen introduces the musician and composer John Sheahan as,

A fiddler in the violin sense of the word.

John Sheahan joined folk group The Dubliners in 1964 and has performed with them all over the world.

He’s regarded probably as one of our greatest trad fiddle players.

Joined by Tony Allen on acoustic guitar, the trio play a traditional Irish hornpipe ‘The Sligo Fancy’.

'Foster and Allen and Friends' was hosted by Irish traditional/folk musicians Mick Foster and Tony Allen and featured various musical guests. There were six programmes in this series, the first of which was broadcast on 4 October 1987.

This edition of 'Foster and Allen and Friends' was broadcast on 1 November 1987.