The English celebrity chef Keith Floyd shares his wisdom on the best hangover cures.

Through their combined experiences, celebrity chef Keith Floyd and his television producer David Pritchard have identified three principal hangovers; Double Whammy, Time Bomb and Creative.

Before a night out Keith Floyd recommends lining the stomach with a good meal, and on return,

Drink as much water as you possibly can, maybe three pints.

For the occasions when these precautions fail, he demonstrates some hangover remedies. The first he calls the Corpse Reviver which guarantees a cure for the Double Whammy. This highly alcoholic cure,

Is desperation tactics.

However Keith Floyd assures it will cure the hangover in about 15 minutes. On tasting the concoction Pat Kenny decides,

It tastes like cough mixture.

Next Keith Floyd makes a Bull Shot which is similar to an iced soup, but with added vodka. A member of the audience declares,

It's dreadful.

The third hangover cure the Sydney Sunrise is alcohol free and genuinely healthy.

Keith Floyd points out that hangover remedies need to be put into context,

I’m not saying these drinks you go out and celebrate with in the evening, these are your punishment drinks for the misbehaving the night before.

The episode of 'Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 3 October 1992. The presenter is Pat Kenny.