Celebrity chef and restaurateur Keith Floyd is the guest of honour as Clarenbridge Oyster Festival gets under way.

Oyster season begins with the first of two Galway festivals dedicated to the salt water molluscs, the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival. The main sponsors of the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival, Murphy's Brewery flew in 250 publicans from the Britain especially for the festivities. Guest of honour at the opening of the Festival is the television personality, chef and restaurateur, Keith Floyd, who is making his third appearance at the Festival.

He waxes lyrical about the magic of the oyster,

The taste of an oyster is as if the moon would have kissed the sea.

For the tiny south Galway village of Clarnebirge, the oyster is a tourist money-spinner and the basis of a thriving oyster industry. Committee Chairman of the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival Dick Molloy says the event

Is probably worth a couple of million pounds.

Publican Simon Jones from Winchester in England is enjoying the festival immensely.

It's pleasure, total and utter pleasure, if I had to die anywhere, it would be here.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 September 1992. The reporter is Jim Fahy.