What better way to celebrate the oyster harvest than at a festival in the west of Ireland.

Reporter Michael Lally visits Clarenbridge on the edge of Galway Bay, which might not seem like the capital of anything, but is world-famous for its 700 acres of oyster beds. Every year since 1954, a festival is held in honour of the local oysters, the farming of which employs 100 to 200 people, according to Willie Moran, owner of the Oyster Tavern. He says the oyster are the best in the world. As for the expert opinion of television chef Keith Floyd: 

I was in Sydney at the Sydney Oyster Festival a couple of months ago, they don't compare to these ones. These are, well, they're scrumptious. They're plump, fat and sweet.

An RTÉ News report from 9 September 1990.